Spatial storytelling

Through spatial storytelling we create an engaging and adventurous space for your visitors. Discover how we boost your expression in our portfolio.

Narrative spaces are created by different types of organisations thanks to spatial storytelling. But their purpose is one and the same: conveying an idea or a story. Tinker creates spaces for your visitors to engage with your story creatively and attentively: we turn it into an adventure.

accessible context through spatial storytelling

Visitors literally walk around in your story. With spatial storytelling, all sorts of subjects can be made accessible. In this context, space doesn’t only represent the story, but conveys a sense of delight about that story. It’s like walking around in the imagination of a curious mind. Hopefully this fuels your own curiosity, one of the greatest human faculties. It makes narrative spaces, we call them ‘Worlds of Wonder’, very suitable for strengthening engagement.

attention space

Spatial storytelling is as old as architecture. Modern media technologies have boosted its scale and expressive powers. The more the online world grows, the greater the need becomes for actual spaces of wonder, imagination and attention. People seek out those spaces to indulge in immersive experiences and social interaction. Tinker’s objective is to stimulate people to expand their perceived world.

We focus on building experience centres with the aim of spreading ideas. Our clients included museums looking to attract new audiences, companies seeking to clarify their mission, governments wanting to strengthen the relationship with their citizens and visionaries attempting to shake up the world. All are attracted by spatial storytelling and why this form of communication is an emerging field in a digital world.

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