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worlds of wonder, experience design for curious people

One year ago Erik Bär and Stan Boshouwers published the first handbook on immersive experience design, the art of creating spaces that tell a story. 

Worlds of Wonder, experience design for curious people describes the What, the Why and the How of this exciting new way of communication. 


Today, experience design (XD) surfaces in the area of organizational and societal development. A great tool for exchanging ideas, XD is used to convey new stories about ourselves, our lives and the world we have created. It puts the audience center stage, stimulating all of us to become agents of change in any field of work. An exciting new industry is emerging, one that is growing in depth and in strength.

Worlds of Wonder has the illustrated story of how the XD industry came to be. Intended for everyone who is in the process of sharing their story with the world, it contains a step by step approach to developing any particular WOW-project. Numerous case descriptions and formatting diagrams help the reader to model his or her own experience design process. 

“Decades into today’s experience economy, experience design remains very much an art rather than a science. Worlds of Wonder exemplifies the state of that art, providing a beautiful,insightful, and wonderful view of the design of experiences that engage, inspire and even transform”

- B. Joseph Pine II, Co-author of The Experience Economy, Work is Theatre and every Business a Stage

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  • nominee  pim marketing literature prize 2019