Experience architects

Let experience architects put your message centre stage through an immersive adventure for curious minds. Form new connections with us

We are experience architects. We design and build narrative spaces; vibrant story worlds that engage, inspire and even transform visitors of all ages.

experience architects create meaningful adventures

Suppose that you want your organisation to tell a new story. It’s up to you to ensure that your story is relevant enough to awaken and attract curious minds. To do so, you might create a space for your visitors to engage with the story creatively and attentively: you turn it into an adventure.

To that adventure, you add beautiful moments that appeal to all the senses. Finally, you give your visitors the freedom to create their own take on it. If you do that, there’ll come a time at which they start sharing their own powerful insights with you.

From this point of view, Worlds of Wonder, or experience centres, form a new connection between your organisation and the outside world. Their insights make your brand, your history and your plans tangible. You’ll come face to face with your WHY.

It is fascinating to see the number of organisations setting of this journey of growth. Working with experience architects or an exhibition design agency means thinking about purpose and reflecting on real added value. It reveals that organisations take their Big Idea seriously and genuinely want to build a real bond with their audience.

our mission

It is our mission, as experience architects, to italicize the everyday and not so everyday experiences. Resulting in wonderful worlds that are as spectacular as they are significant, and as engaging as fun to play. Prizewinning designs that put your message centre stage thanks to spatial storytelling

our portfolio

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