Immersive experience design

We are an immersive experience design agency. We design and build narrative spaces. Vibrant story worlds that engage, inspire and even transform visitors of all ages.

Immersive experience design puts visitors in the front seat when it comes to laying out a museum, visitor centre, hospital or brand experience centre. When it comes to navigation, it even puts them behind the steering wheel. Why this approach?

experience design as new branch of the creative industry

Immersive experience design is the art of creating spaces that tell a story. Although people are, strictly speaking, also users of exhibition/experience products, we prefer the term visitor, in these spatial storytelling contexts. What we call experience design is linked to this user-oriented approach, crossing many disciplines and having an equal basis in the art of storytelling and theatre.

Ancient narrative techniques are combined with modern media by experience architects. It’s a whole new endeavour, generating a flock of exciting crossovers. Museums, for example, are turning into playgrounds, and festivals now offer places of significance. We see cool companies equipping their meeting rooms with swings and other attributes that before were only found in playgrounds, while schools include serious gaming in their curricula. That makes experience design a very exciting field, representing great challenges and new opportunities for the creative industry.

added value of immersive experience design

The added value of experience design is that it activates participation in a remarkable story. You need to do more than just provide information. You have to create an Umwelt, a credible narrative context that immerses visitors in a story. They are invited to develop their own point of view based on their experiences in your world. It activates any and all participants.

β€˜Immersion is primarily a quality of consciousness that has to do with the capture and control of attention, a necessary condition for any interpersonal persuasion, education or entertainment to occur’ – Diana Slatterly

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