we are experience designers

science in the making – by the visitors

Delft University of Technology houses a science centre that is unique in the world. You can participate in research yourself and experience what a scientist experiences: searching, sweating, constructing, and celebrating. Tinker took care of the design & the execution.

We joined forces with university staff and in a creative studio came up with the constituent parts. We built the exhibition with a team of young engineers. All components are linked to current research. In this way a centre has evolved that offers an inspirational insight into technological thinking and actions.


  • client  tu delft
  • year  2010
  • www  sciencecentre.tudelft.nl
  • design several workshop spaces   studio kuppens
  • technical production   ambience consultancy
  • instrument engineering   berkelaar mrt


  • finalist  micheletti award 2012

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