we are experience designers


We are an immersive experience design agency. We design and build narrative spaces. Vibrant story worlds that engage, inspire and even transform visitors of all ages.

June 1991. As students in AI, we were asked to build an exhibition about Artificial Intelligence. For three weeks, we tinkered, we soldered and edited without much sleep. The result was uber cool: a life-size computer with emotions, voices and deviant behaviour. At that moment we didn’t know a thing like that was called an exhibit. This was 1991, the web wasn’t even there. Let alone AI. 

This first contraption contained almost everything we are doing today. We still build sense-o-rama’s, preferably about imaginative topics. Wonder junkies as we are, we’re involved in museographic, scientific and corporate projects all over Europe and beyond.

It is our mission to italicize everyday and not so everyday experience. Resulting in wonderful worlds that are as spectacular as they are significant, and as engaging as fun to play. Prizewinning designs that put your message centre stage.  



Experience design originated in the entertainment industry, focusing on hedonist sensations and one dimensional storytelling. But there is so much more to it. Expanding the spectrum to all levels of human awareness results in designs that are magical, meaningful and fun at the same time.

Our clients have big ideas in mind, aimed at making the world a better, healthier or more meaningful place. Our approach to experience design is the perfect way to bring those ideas to life. Body, mind, heart and soul are involved: all the senses including the sense of wonder. For curiosity is the gateway to insight and growth.



Imagineering is the fine art of crafting the visitors’ experience. There are so many great ideas and stories around, looking for hearts and minds to inhabit. They knock on the many doors of perception. The trick is to provide the right keys. Our designs mimic the lived experience of a person in awe. They are mindscapes of curious people. By building expressive spaces, we re-create that awe and make it accessible to others.

When people enter, the wonder is shared and inspiration ignites. Ideas and feelings leap from brain to brain. A great way to communicate and a powerful tool for engagement. Stan Boshouwers and Erik Bär, founders of Tinker imagineers, wrote the book Worlds of Wonder, experience design for curious people. In this practical book they explain the What, the Why and the How of this way of working.



creative consultancy

Co-creative processes bring people together and result in shared visions. We develop concepts, or help you do that yourself. The essence of our service is in finding the big idea in your plans, visualising it and thinking up ways to bring it to life. In addition, we provide operational strategies that enable you to implement your vision. To this end, we produce concept presentations, bidbooks and Masterplans in any way, shape or form.

experience design

Our studio team loves to mix up visual, theatrical, multimedia and storytelling techniques, to hit your target audience right between the eyes. Free style thinkers and doers with a keen interest in the latest media technology, communication styles and graphics. Resulting in smashing designs for immersive environments.

production management

Together with our clients and partners we turn conceptual dreams into reality. We take care ofproduction design, project management and turnkey deliveries. With almost thirty years of experience we know every step of the process, even in the most challenging conditions. Resulting in top notch museums, visitor centres and other wonderful worlds.