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world food experience: more interactive, flexible, and hospitable


Tinker imagineers is working on a redesign for the World Food Experience in Ede, the Netherlands. After the Council of State rejected the development plan for the Experience in December 2022 due to the construction of new buildings, the WFCE Foundation was tasked by the municipality of Ede and the province of Gelderland to revise the plans. Together with design agency Tinker, the renewed plan has been developed. The updated plan allows for more interaction, flexible programming, and connections with local, regional, and national food initiatives.

Doing more with less space
With a reduction of 40% of the floor area, the main objective is to maintain the visitor experience. The redesigned concept further challenges young visitors to actively participate through additional interactive elements such as game shows with hosts, interactive stations, and physical challenges. The newly available outdoor space is also fully utilized. In the area originally designated for new construction, a thematic garden and innovation greenhouse will be created, showcasing agriculture, horticulture, and innovations from the Dutch food sector. LOOS van VLIET is the landscape architect involved. They worked closely with Tinker on the outdoor space designs.

The restaurant actively contributes to telling the story behind our daily food. With each dish ordered, visitors will have a special way of learning where it comes from and the processes it underwent before reaching their plates. Additionally, upon entering the central hub, visitors will be warmly welcomed and treated to a culinary experience, as one would expect from an attraction about food.

The plans have been submitted to the municipality of Ede and the province of Gelderland, who will make a final decision on the realisation of the new food-themed attraction after the summer. Upon positive decision, the foundation will proceed to realisation.