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a stately manor house in search of a story

The Rijssens Museum cherishes Rijssen’s turbulent past. Explosive growth & age-old traditions, powerful industrialists & bitter poverty: plenty of ingredients for a unique experience. But how do you bring them to life? They invited Tinker to develop a new permanent exhibition. With an additional challenge: to create the perfect setting for four hundred irons.

We follow Rijssen citizens from all eras in their daily struggle for life. Jute weavers, farmers, peat cutters, laundresses and brickmakers offer an intimate look into their lives, at work and at home. The collection is presented in a unique way, and is part of the experience as well. A cleverly thought-out spatial design, some poetic ideas and audio take care of the rest. Even the irons work beautifully.


  • client  rijssens museum
  • year  2008
  • www  rijssensmuseum.nl
  • in cooperation with  JAM producing
  • photography  mike bink

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