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period rooms and state-of-the-art media

In this little village by the former Zuiderzee, stories are everywhere. Stories about people and things, about men and women, farmers and fishermen, work and home, football and traditional costumes. Tinker was invited to develop a new permanent presentation, with the added challenge of combining the traditional period rooms with a modern, dynamic and aesthetically appealing presentation. ‘Tradition & renewal’ was to be the guiding principle for this make-over.

A tour of the museum, through 12 connected spaces, takes you past images, sounds, film and scenery that stimulate your senses, each in their different ways. In the smokehouse, the shadow of one of the workers passes by, you smell the smoked fish and you hear the crackle of the fire. In the space called ‘Poor and Rich’, a poor family’s home is literally fitted into a rich farmhouse. A 20-metre-wide visual presents the closing off of the Zuiderzee, with a fisherman melancholically watching the 1932 film clips. A little further on: cups, cheering and banners between the football shirts of Blue & Red. As the grand finale, a magical space in which the traditional costumes seem to dance and the Spakenburg folklore is given pride of place.


  • client  utrecht province, municipality of bunschoten and ’t vurhuus museum
  • year  2009
  • www  museumspakenburg.nl
  • decor  schaalwerk en decodel
  • technology  VHS
  • photography  mike bink

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