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Museum Hilversum aspires to be more than a static museum: truly part of the city. A space where people may engage in the debate on the history and identity of Hilversum, then and now. Classical notions of what a museum should look like, did not cut it, which is why the museum invited Tinker to help out. We worked together to set a new course, and to lay the groundwork for the projects that would be realised over the first two years. Today, Museum Hilversum is run as an open studio, in which the identity of the city, the region and its inhabitants are investigated and turned inside out.

Every six months, the studio presents a provocative theme as the starting-point for a broad range of activities, including video art, small-scale exhibitions and events. Tinker contributes by bringing up the new themes, advising on the programme and taking care of the design. The current project is called ‘Oh, my God, what do you believe in?’ Audience and corporate partners contribute their art work and talents, and participate in the events and the debate. You might call it ‘art and crowdsourcing’, in a stimulating and inviting way.


  • client  museum hilversum
  • year  2013
  • www  museumhilversum.nl
  • hardware, installation and programming   phantavision
  • lighting  rapenburg plaza
  • set construction and graphic applications   vorm en decor
  • mounting  artcare
  • shadow animation   blijleven media
  • kasper van es   soundscape
  • photography  mike bink

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