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A new museum in which the history of that place becomes palpable: the oppression, the injustice, and the fear. During the Second World War, around 47,000 prisoners were held at Kamp Amersfoort, a prison camp as well as a transit camp. The redesigned area, the architecture, and the exhibition in the new museum illustrate what went on in there. The exhibition tells the stories of the prisoners, a helper, and the perpetrators. Who were they? The impressive video footage in black and white reveals what life in the camp was like.

A large map on the wall shows the transports of prisoners coming in and going out. They were seen and treated as mere numbers. But they regain their names and faces through the gigantic portraits printed on the pillars. Their belongings are displayed in the drawers below the images, and their personal stories can be heard. In a social VR experiment, visitors experience the effects of peer pressure, authority, and trust. Finally, there is room for reflection. What did I just see and hear? What traces do I leave behind?


  • client  national monument kamp amersfoort
  • year  2021
  • www  kampamersfoort.nl
  • concept & exhibition design  tinker imagineers
  • construction & hardware  flink
  • vr experience  tinker imagineers, yipp, shosho, bureaumaike, leiden university
  • light design  heinzloopstra lightdesign
  • soundscape reflection room  studio rockfish
  • architect  inbo
  • landscape architect  juurlink+geluk
  • photography  mike bink


  • gold winner  win awards 2021
  • finalist  fx awards 2021
  • finalist  sbid international design awards 2021
  • longlist  arc 21 architecture awards
  • nomination  building of the year architects web awards 2021

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