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meeting the relatives of war victims

Visitors stand face to face with relatives of war victims in the new memorial and educational centre of Loenen National War Cemetery. The exhibition focuses on stories by Dutch war victims and the deployment of the Dutch during international (peace) missions. Visitors encounter the relatives through mirrors, confronting them with the idea that this could have been about themselves. The stories show how sorrow lingers after so many years and often continues to play out across multiple generations. Visitors are constantly aware of their own reflection while looking at this piece.

Meanwhile, a projection with various clips on one of the walls offers a perspective of war and peace back then and today. The adjacent room puts the spotlight on the veterans and tells the story of military missions that the Netherlands has contributed to since 1947. In addition to a factual overview of the missions, this piece tells the personal stories of veterans. An interactive touch screen table with a large world map acts as an interactive database of missions that involved the Dutch military.


  • client  war cemetery foundation
  • year  2020
  • www  oorlogsgravenstichting.nl
  • exhibition design  tinker imagineers
  • set construction  brandwacht & meijer
  • interactives  yipp
  • av production  tinker imagineers
  • av hardware  phanta vision
  • photography  mike bink, rob gieling


  • nomination  building of the year architects web awards 2021

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