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To this day, the National Archives play an important role in the process of establishing the truth and interpreting the historical events. The exhibition The War that Stayed With Us offers a unique multiperspective view of the years after the liberation of the Netherlands, 75 years ago. Visitors are introduced to different people and their emotionally charged stories, which turn out to be more complex and nuanced than you’d think at first sight. Upon entering, visitors walk straight into the exuberant mood of the liberation, but when they – literally – step through this image, they find themselves in a completely different reality. The world of public revenge and arrests.

Next, visitors are invited to enter 'the archives'. Four themed rooms – Murdered & Missing, Robbed, Tried, and Displaced – show personal stories from the archive. Visitors find themselves in a courtroom, for instance, and witness the trial of Max Blokzijl, a journalist who was sentenced to death even before Anton Mussert. Or they end up between removal boxes, where they meet Countess Wolff Metternich, whose castle was seized by the Dutch authorities. An audio-visual podcast adds an exceptional multiperspective layer to these stories. What do the official records tell us? How did the media handle this topic at the time? And how do we view it today? 


  • client  national archives of the netherlands
  • year  2020
  • exhibition design  tinker imagineers
  • av & multimedia  tinker imagineers
  • set construction  flink
  • av & multimedia  tinker imagineers
  • light design  tinus holthuis
  • av hardware  bazelmans avr
  • printing  hdv signmakers
  • curtain  bsl raambekleding


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