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one story about the second world war, told from different perspectives

This travelling exhibition on the Second World War will be shown over the next two years along the routes travelled by the Allied troops on their way to Berlin. We took care of the design, together with four prominent European war museums – from East and West. It was our intention to show that despite the differences in how these European countries lived through the war, we do share a great many experiences. And how the Europe in which we live has been shaped by these experiences.

We created a fragmented room, in which personal stories hang like splinters from the ceiling. These biographies – good and bad, victims and culprits – form the heart of the exhibition. The themes surrounding this centre tell the story that culminates in the liberation. From an eastern and a western perspective, both in the stories and in the space. Finally, the legacies visualise the enormous impact the war had (and still has) on Europe. The Rundfunk Libération Wolnoscd offers visitors an opportunity to share their views with the rest of the world.

liberation route

liberation route



  • finalist  spark experience awards 2015

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