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Call it a dream, call it a vision, call it a pavilion

How do you highlight the story of the branch organisation for green entrepreneurs and the information point for horticulturalists in an exhibition where everyone already has a green profile? And in addition make it clear that the entire Floriade is a showcase for their work?

By creating a world of wonders, full of inversions and alienation, that also shows what the world devoid of green would look like. And we will make the pavilions reflective so that whoever looks at a VHG/Hic pavilion, will see the entire Floriade.


  • client  vereniging van hoveniers en groenvoorzieners / hoveniers informatiecentrum
  • construction  kloosterboer decor
  • decoration  decodel
  • audio visuals  mansveld
  • photography  mike bink


  • winner  floriade award environment 2012

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