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a tribute to a gift from heaven – where would we be without water?

Design and construction of the central water pavilion at the 2012 Floriade. A sculpture composed of objects that refer to our own water management: jeans, hamburgers, fish, toilet bowls… that’s right: the works. And that is the message. The objects are connected to water pipes and running water. Quite a challenge, as the exhibit is located in the middle of a restaurant.

On the dining tables, the water cycle is shown in cartoon-like pictures. While the parents enjoy a sandwich, the kids can play in and around the sculpture. You can walk through it and find out how much water is used to produce everyday items. It will teach children that water is valuable.

aqua pavilion


  • client  waterschap peel en maasvallei, waterschap roer en overmaas, waterleidingmaatschappij limburg, waterschapsbedrijf limburg
  • 3D design   studio kuppens
  • construction  flink productrealisatie
  • photography  mike bink


  • finalist  idea awards 2013

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