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tower tribunal speaks

The crooked and leaning Oldehove is the icon of Leeuwarden. Leeuwarden decided it wanted to rival the Groningen Martini Tower by building this tower. However, it never came to pass. By the time the tower was 10 metres high, it had already begun to subside. And so, the construction of the tower was brought to a halt around 500 years ago, when the tower had only grown to 40 metres. And for at least as long, the question has been asked: how could this construction project have gone so badly wrong?

Visitors to the tower run into Taeke. The tower’s keeper has had enough of all speculation, and convenes a tower tribunal. In a multimedia show, various people present their own version of the truth. It may not come as a surprise that the builder of the tower and St. Barbara do not see eye to eye. But who could have guessed Taeke’s way to settle the dispute?


  • client  the municipality of leeuwarden
  • year  2010
  • www  oldehove.eu
  • technology  PTH groep
  • construction  brandwacht en meijer
  • photography  mike bink

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