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bombs and grenades

650 years ago, a knight called Dirk Loef built Loevestein Castle. To add lustre to this anniversary, the museum started a huge revamping operation three years ago. The plan was to tell the stories, add experiences and activities, and to make better use of the grounds of the 19th-century fortress. And all of this geared to the various target groups. In addition, the place needed high-quality catering facilities, while every detail had to be coordinated with the Government Building Department that was in charge of the simultaneous renovation. Just our cup of tea!

Together with Loevestein Castle, Tinker came up with an intriguing mix of various forms of storytelling. The stories of knights, prisoners and soldiers are brought to life all over the place – some are poetical and subtle, others are hands on and hard to miss. Outside, for instance, fun and historical information are combined in a game in which you fire a musket. Inside the castle is much to see, hear and do as well. From the discovery of a dark attic full of former residents to mixing gun powder in the powder tower. The new Loevestein Castle is an adventure for the whole family.



  • client  slot loevestein
  • year  2013
  • www  slotloevestein.nl
  • set construction   kloosterboer decor
  • media control   rapenburg plaza
  • lighting design   joost de beij
  • direction  calling the shots
  • photography   mike bink

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