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It was an open secret: the beauty of the Cannenburch, an ancient castle in the Veluwe. Much of its beauty remained hidden from the public. Buildings had been closed up and stories remained untold. What connected the castle, its outbuildings and the surrounding park? Tinker’s assignment: develop a new experience for visitors showing the history and the way these elements hang together.

Visiting the Cannenburch today, you are guided around the grounds by various historical figures. The lord and lady of the castle, the steward, the gardener and the miller together take the visitors on an audio tour of the park and castle. In one of the outbuildings along the central entranceway to the castle, a new heritage centre has been opened. Every room has its own story to tell. In the castle itself, the remarkable interior has hardly changed, although the portraits these days actually talk to the visitors. And what are the squire and the maid up to in the attic? If you want to know, come and find out for yourself.



  • client  the foundation geldersch landschap en geldersche kasteelen
  • year  2010
  • www  glk.nl
  • set  brandwacht en meijer
  • lighting and audio visuals   rapenburg plaza
  • audio visual production   tungsten
  • audio tour   qq audio
  • pepper’s ghost   dutch igloo
  • photography  mike bink, tinker

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