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bringing the battle of arnhem to life

The successful and internationally acclaimed Airborne Experience at the Airborne Museum is renewed. Visitors will get a first-hand impression of the Battle of Arnhem, scene by scene. You feel part of the huge airborne operation and battle that took place near Arnhem in September 1944. History is brought to life through a state-of-the-art combination of realist decors, overwhelming authentic footage, and light, sound and smoke effects.

Visitors board a glider, sit down, and are briefed about the mission. Through the windows, you witness the plane being towed in England - and then the benches start rocking, the fuselage squeaks and creaks, you hear the voices of brave and frightened soldiers. After landing, you walk onto the hectic landing grounds. An operation that has begun in good spirits soon turns into a nightmare, however, as you witness the fights in the streets of Arnhem with German troops.  


  • client  airborne museum hartenstein
  • year  renewed in 2020, originally opened in 2009
  • www  airbornemuseum.nl
  • design  tinker imagineers, postma decorontwerp
  • av productions  tinker imagineers
  • construction  kloosterboer decor
  • lighting and hardware  rapenburg plaza
  • animation market garden  lieke milder
  • sound design  walvisnest
  • photography  mike bink



  • original version 2009  :
  • winner  gouden reiger 2009
  • finalist  IDEA awards 2010
  • nomination  rob de bes awards 2010
  • nomination  tourned awards 2010
  • nomination  micheletti award 2011
  • nomination  museum of the year award 2011
  • nomination  best day trip ANWB 2012

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