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the story of the war told in 12 steps

So far, no Dutch museum is telling the whole story of World War II. There are some 200 smaller museums recounting local events. Three museums from the South-East of the Netherlands took the initiative to set this straight. The goal was to establish a new coordinating museum on World War II. These three museums, together with the vfonds, the municipality of Nijmegen and the province of Gelderland, formed working parties in order to do a feasibility study. Tinker handled the creative side and prepared a draft.

Over several creative sessions, the essential storyline, the staging en the three-dimensional layout came together. The setting is an abandoned factory building in Nijmegen: the Vasim. Visitors live through the occupation in 12 stages. They are unaware of what lies ahead. From Interbellum to Invasion, on to Struggle and Resistance. Finally, Liberation is achieved, and this is where Liberty Boulevard begins: a multi-purpose hall where liberty is celebrated – and where we pay attention to current threats in the process.


  • client  gelderland province, nijmegen municipality, vfonds and WWII museum foundation
  • year  2014
  • www  sis.prv.gelderland.nl
  • chairman draft proposal working group  v-fonds
  • financial and building-technology support  brinkgroep

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