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exhibition turning heads completed and festively opened


Over the past months, the involved Tinker team worked relentlessly to ensure that the exhibition was ready to shine for the public well in advance. The exhibition highlights the fascination of old masters for the human face. You'll discover how artists in the 16th and 17th centuries extensively experimented with expressions, lighting, and accessories. It marks the first major temporary exhibition since the reopening of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (KMSKA). It's a fantastic museum to visit, even beyond our work.

On October 19, we experienced a lively opening in Antwerp. What a joy to see our design come to life and be embraced by so many cheerful visitors. Tinker created experiential spaces before and after each art section, where visitors learn to observe, explore, and sketch on their own. Five themes demonstrate how the fascination for the human head evolved into a distinct genre: tronies or head studies. With hands-on installations, visitors actively participate, playfully examining their own faces while peeking at others. In the final installation, they use AI to create their own tronie.

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