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1000 bommen en granaten

650 years ago, a knight called Dirk Loef built Loevestein Castle. To add lustre to this anniversary, the museum started a huge revamping operation three years ago. The plan was to tell the stories, add experiences and activities, and to make better use of the grounds of the 19th-century fortress. And all of this geared to the various target groups. In addition, the place needed high-quality catering facilities, while every detail had to be coordinated with the Government Building Department that was in charge of the simultaneous renovation. Just our cup of tea!



  • opdrachtgever  slot loevestein
  • jaar  2013
  • www  slotloevestein.nl
  • decor  kloosterboer decor
  • mediasturing  rapenburg plaza
  • lichtontwerp  joost de beij
  • regie  calling the shots
  • fotografie  mike bink

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