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overview of his work in the former guildhall

Johannes Vermeer: world renowned and a complete stranger at the same time. In Delft, his city of birth, tourists and admirers have been looking for traces from the mysterious painter for ages. At long last, the whole story can now be experienced at the Vermeer Centre. But how do you introduce the master, when we know so little and his paintings have scattered all over the world? How do you combine the art historical analysis with an invitation to look for yourself? And how do you explain his genius while keeping its mystery intact?

Across the Centre’s three floors, visitors meet the people in Vermeer’s life, go on a journey of discovery in his studio, and are put to work in the Vermeer lab. We have developed a multi-layered narrative with a specific media mix for every subject. You pull up a chair to sit with the members of Vermeer’s guild, just as they start to discuss the Milkmaid. And you experience for yourself how reality is manipulated in a life-size Vermeer painting. The focus is on looking and discovering for yourself. Tinker was responsable for overall concept, art direction and management, plus development of storylines, exhibits and experience.


  • client  vermeer centre delft
  • year  2003
  • www  vermeerdelft.nl
  • design  opera ontwerpers
  • photography  fred prak

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