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about dinosaur extinction and human origins

Stevns Klint at the Danish south coast - a UNESCO World Heritage Site - is one of the best places in the world to see traces of the asteroid. An uninvited guest that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs and the origins of humans. In the old lime quarry of Boesdal, the Stevns Klint Experience has opened. The exhibition narrates the mass extinction of 66 million years ago and how evidence of the asteroid was found in the cliffs. The exhibition is divided into two parts. In the Stevns Klint Hall it is all about imagination and wonder.

An immersive film tells the story about the dramatic extinction and the survival of life on Earth. The film is partly projected on a huge cut-out of the cliff with the famous Fish Clay layer in the middle. The film will leave you with a feeling of awe and a new perspective on life. In the World Heritage Hall, the story is told chronologically. In this playful space visitors go on a multi-sensory exploration and dive into the scientific side of the story. Here there is room for hands-on activities and to discover the story in different ways.


  • client  stevns klint foundation
  • year  2022
  • www  stevnsklint.dk/en
  • exhibition design  tinker imagineers
  • set construction  gielissen
  • av hardware  mansveld
  • interactives & animations  shosho
  • audio  stijn hosman
  • lighting design  beersnielsen
  • illustrations wallpaper  tinker imagineers
  • illustrations children's layer  monnikenwerk
  • architect  praksis arkitekter
  • photos website  mike bink, steen gyldendal, tinker imagineers

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