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what can you find if you zoom in?

Discover the hidden secrets of biology, geology, and astronomy in the new Observatory in the middle of the Brorfelde hills. With specially designed optical instruments, visitors can zoom in further than ever before and discover new things. From rocks of the earth to nebulae far away in the galaxy. Tinker worked on the experience design for part of the observatory for about a year, resulting in a central space, a film room and two workshop spaces.

The Observatory in Brorfelde is all about observation and expanding our visual senses. By means of a large scale model of the observatory and its surroundings, a film that takes the visitor on a visual journey and various installations, the visitor gets to experience the How, What and Why of observing. The interaction between human, nature and instrument is always at the forefront. By doing it themselves, the visitor experiences very directly the effect of the use of instruments.


  • client  brorfelde observatory
  • year  2021
  • www  observatoriet.dk
  • concept & design  tinker imagineers
  • spatial design  tinker imagineers, jesper tarnø
  • av production  tinker imagineers
  • construction  exponent, hk design, barlby carlsson, p. andersen & søns
  • interactives  100%fat
  • hardware  alien workshop
  • lighting design  jørgen kjer
  • soundscape video  black box studios
  • photography  tinker imagineers, thomas moerkeberg