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five buddies to guide you

Knuf, Blijf, Vouw, C-bot and Vizzel: five little buddies to comfort you, distract you and make you laugh. And to take you to the magical world of sun, sea & sand. After all, visiting the hospital is quite an experience for children.

They are all over the new Juliana Children’s Hospital in The Hague. On 4000 m2 unique graphic wallpaper covering the walls of corridors, waiting areas, treatment rooms and patient rooms. In the lift, where you will see an animation through the porthole that tells you whether you are under water, on the beach or in the air.

They even come to life in the corridor to the OR, where they accompany you all the way to the operating room. And when you wake up, you’ll find them at your bed.

Time for action? Enjoy yourself on the life-size play ship, in the lighthouse or the beach houses. Not to forget the amazing 'copter' at the Ronald McDonald House, where the children and there family can fly to fantasy worlds. We bet that you will be able to forget that you are in the hospital, even just for a while.

kinderbeleving juliana kinderziekenhuis


  • client  hagaziekenhuis + ronaldmcdonald huis
  • year  2015
  • concept, design, scripts  tinker imagineers
  • animator  dugour productions
  • construction  flink
  • print (wallpaper)  tars visual presentation
  • production (physical characters)  bruns
  • lift   interlift
  • construction (light house)  maqutos
  • engineering  phanta visual
  • photography  fred ernst, michael van oosten

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