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a new definition of water fun

For all of 20 years Professor Splash has been a household name in Rotterdam. This water professor has playfully introduced more than 1.5 million visitors to the world of the shipping industry. It’s hardly surprising that the Maritime Museum wants to keep such a successful crewmember on board. But it was high time the children’s exhibition got a makeover.

And so Tinker got on board and came up with a thrilling proposal that will allow Professor Splash to thrive for years to come. We created a world around Splash, including a group of friends. Children help the professor and his friends to prepare for a new journey. To load and unload ships, to pick a destination, put out a fire, etc. – while playing, children learn about sailing and navigation. 


  • client  rotterdam maritime museum
  • year  2012
  • www  maritiemmuseum.nl
  • setting  flink productrealisatie
  • audio visuals  bruns


  • nomination  childrens museum award 2013

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