tessa lavrijsen

creative consultant and designer

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I am a conceptual creator of spatial experiences. I like to develop ideas that matter, that are relevant and innovative to our clients and their audiences.

As I am involved in projects from start to finish, I make sure that we hold on to the Big Idea throughout the process, with the right energy.

Creating things that stir the imagination. Making something out of nothing. That is what I like to do best. So what do you do? You enter a creative study programme of course. I opted for 3D design and went on to retail design, where everything comes together in a total experience. I studied the whole process of analysis, marketing, conception and design in 2D and 3D. In the Eldorado of retail, London, I worked with 20|20, a major firm. It was a blast in those days, before the crisis killed the buzz.

Based on my working experience, I wanted to get involved in creative study programmes. I went on to develop curricula for the Master programme and the new HBO programme of Lifestyle & design. Along the way, I planned international projects with universities in China, Italy and Australia. I really liked working with both students and enthusiastic specialists. By 2008 I felt the urge to start creating again, and I landed a job as a creative consultant with BLOEI creative innovation. I learned a lot about the hiccups in innovation projects for large commercial companies, about red socks (‘red socks sell the grey’) and about stories and products going viral.

And now I find myself with tinker! Here, I have found a perfect mix of conceptual thought, sparring with clients, making designs that stir the imagination, being in charge of the creative process, and all this for beautiful projects of substance!



Born in Mukumu, Kenia


Raised in the jungle of Sri Lanka


 3Ddesign, Utrecht Academy of Arts


Master’s degree in Retail Design, Plymouth University/Piet Zwart Instituut


Retail designer with 20|20 Limited in London


Retail designer with SVT Branding & Design Group, Amsterdam


Curriculum coordinator of the Master programme Retail design, Piet Zwart Instituut


Head of the Lifestyle & Design department, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam


Project manager international projects, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam


Creative consultant with BLOEI creative innovation


Creative consultant with Tinker imagineers