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project manager

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I was born in Boxmeer in 1983, and then raised in the Brabant town of Cuijk. Dolls were wasted on this little girl.

Markers and pencils! I went through one box after another. Afterwards, they would be returned to their boxes in the right order. My creative mind came with a love of structure and order.

After the havo, I went to the Cibap in Zwolle, where I could use my creativity in shop design and stand construction. As a seventeen-year-old girl in overalls doing physical construction work on site, I was working hard and seeing immediate results: I liked all of it. Even so, I had been missing the deeper layers, and went to the ArtEZ Academy of Arts, once again in Zwolle. I studied interior architecture and specialised in furniture design and architecture.  

A traineeship in Berlin fanned a hunger for travelling and discovering other cultures. China, South America and many European destinations were waiting. Even today, my backpack is always ready to pick up and go whenever there is an opportunity.

In the meantime, my career took off at Kossmann.dejong in Amsterdam, and this was my first introduction to the profession of exhibition designer. I started out as a spatial designer, but gradually turned to the organisational side. After eight wonderful years (with the realisation of Wonder Rooms 2.0 at the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague as the absolute highlight), the time had come to broaden my horizon. At the end of 2015, I started working as a project leader at Tinker.

I’m best placed at the centre of it all. My favourite spot is still the construction site, where the work is done. Feet in the mud, heads put together. Making concessions for the optimal result, without losing sight of the concept or the details.