erik bär

founder and partner

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Creative director of Tinker imagineers. Responsible for vision, concept and art direction.

Major focus at present on the development of imagineering as a powerful tool to create meaningful and inspiring experiences. And applying this to large scale (inter)national projects. Some people are fascinated by the latest fashions or the hippest tends. I like things that keep their value. Timeless inspiration that is always expressed in new ways. Through people, places and creations. I enjoy helping tell their stories, or to unravel their plots. What’s the story here? Or often: who are we? What is our greatest strength? How should we present ourselves? Good answers to these questions are shown time and again to be success factors behind major developments and powerful creations.

Creating new visions is an important part of my work. Through insight intothe way in which things can find their way. Through developing freshperspectives from inspirational questions. And through the visual quality ofwhat we do. I like to see myself as a film director. Someone who doesn’t actor perform himself, but who creates the big picture and translates it to thebig screen. On the way there, cast-iron plots have to be devised, but also agripping storyboard, beautiful scenery and a perfect performance. Thedirector ensures that all these components work together to produce a film.One that’s a big hit with the audience.



child of two psychologists


completed one-year study of French at the Université d'Aix-Marseille


founded Castles in the Air, the realization of fantasies, with Stan Boshouwers


graduated in Cognitive Artificial Intelligence, majoring in KnowledgeAnalysis


married to artist and visual designer Rina van der Weij


became father to daughters Noemi and Pip


completed five-year training to become yoga teacher