erik bär

founder and partner

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Founder and owner of Tinker. In charge of creative management. Involved in the development of larger national and international projects on history, culture, nature, and society.

Some people are fascinated by the latest fashion or the hippest trends. I prefer things that have timeless value. Timeless stories that are always told in new ways. By people, places, and events. I love helping others tell these stories and untangling their plot lines. What is the core? Who are we and where are we going? Time and again, the right answers to these questions turn out to be decisive for the success of major developments and powerful creations.

The visionary aspect is an important part of my work. By developing a vision on compelling issues. And through the visual quality of our creations. I like to think of myself as a director. Someone who does not film or act himself, but who creates a great vision and translates it for the big screen. Along the way, he has to come up with strong plot lines, as well as a gripping storyboard, beautiful sets, and perfect execution. Directing is about combining these components into a film. Preferably one that really moves the audience.



Born in Nijmegen


Completed one-year study programme in French at the Université d'Aix in Marseille


Founded Firma Luchtkasteel, for the realisation of wild ideas, together with Stan Boshouwers. In 1999, the company name changed to Tinker imagineers.

Graduated in Cognitive Artificial Intelligence, Utrecht University, on the subject of Knowledge Analysis 

Completion of five-year yoga-teacher training course


Co-author of Worlds of Wonder | Experience Design for Curious People, with Stan Boshouwers. A book about the what, the why, and the how of our field.