daniel dugour

creative developer

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Transforming complex matter into logical stories. Finding out what's really going on.

I'm a real image thinker. With a preference for 3D and a love of exact science. I try to face this world with a critical and open mind. The box is always there, the trick is in thinking outside of it. I'm always looking for what's really going on, and converting it into a story that's comprehensible. I’m fascinated by topics at the intersection of spatial work and science, preferably in combination. 

My work at Tinker covers the entire project: from getting to know the client, through the conceptual and design phases, to the production of animations and other moving content. It allows me to put my broad interests and experience to use by giving the project consistency and continuity from start to finish.



Born in October


Bachelor’s degree in Arts Image & Media Technology, University of the Arts Utrecht


3D animator at Toonder Studios


Freelance 3d animator


Partner at Lemonade Animation


Joined Tinker imagineers as a creative developer