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Thinking in images. Always looking for the facts, which are then turned into a story that makes sense.

With a preference for 3D and a love of science, I try to maintain a critical, yet open mind. The box is always there; the challenge is in thinking outside of it.

I was born in a family of hippies, keen on travelling, and grew up in a new housing estate in the bible belt. My father was an art historian who dragged me through museums and churches, and who told me about the universe and how it all hangs together.?As an eight-year-old, I built my first (and last) rocket. Not a real one, but definitely my first ‘experience’. The electronics had been outsourced to one of my brothers, the 3D construction to my dad, and the story came from my own imagination. At the exposition on ‘Les Immateriaux’ (1984) at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, I saw my first narrative 3D computer animation, and it clicked! On my Commodore64 I tried some 3D programming myself, with limited success.

In early 1989, when I couldn’t study Industrial Design in Delft (because of the lottery system), I went on to do a photography internship in Berlin. I was struck by the atmosphere and relentlessness of the Wall. And then, on New Year’s Eve of that same year, I got to scale the Wall with a bottle of bubbles in hand! I was struck again, this time by its sudden transitoriness.

Eventually, I started studying Image and Media Technology at the HKU. My graduation project was an animated film on nuclear fusion. During my studies, I freelanced as a 3D animator and collaborated, among other things, on a short film based on ‘Tron’ for a large computer manufacturer.?After graduation, I started working at Toonder Studios on a bio-medical 3D animation: an information film about the effects of smoking on the human body.

When I felt the pull of freelancing once again, I focused more and more on motion rides and experiences, for museums and the world of science - often in combination. As a freelancer, and later as a partner at Lemonade Animation, Tinker was a constant, offering interesting jobs and great people to work with.

In the course of 2017, when I was doing animations for ASML, the high-tech company, it became clear that my experience and scientific expertise would be a good fit for the team.