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interactive, state-of-the-art crime experience opens 2018 in amsterdam


In the course of 2018, the 'Amsterdam Crime Experience' will open in the Dutch capital. It promises to be a hypermodern, interactive crime museum, the first of its kind. One of the initiators is Dutch crime reporter Peter R. de Vries. He is confident that the Crime Experience will draw several hundreds of thousands of visitors a year.

The Amsterdam Crime Experience is in line with the growing interest in crime, investigation, and forensics. In the experience, visitors are challenged to put their own skills and talents to the test. The concept of the experience was developed by Tinker imagineers from Utrecht.

Crime reporter Peter R. de Vries: "Crime is a popular theme, as evidenced by the ratings of numerous true crime series and the widespread coverage in the media. An interactive experience that will teach you how to investigate crime is in perfect keeping with this trend. The Amsterdam Crime Experience is a ‘world first’ and could be applied anywhere.”

Initiator Jasper van der Schalie: "I have been fascinated with crime for many years, and this led me to develop this plan together with Peter R. de Vries and creative agency Tinker imagineers. The Amsterdam Crime Experience will be state of the art, especially since we’re working with the best in their fields.”

The experience is made up of over 15 interactive rooms, covering nearly every aspect of crime and investigation. Visitors can do their own forensic research at the crime scene, interrogate a team member with a lie detector, try out the latest wiretapping and eavesdropping technology, draw a composite sketch of a suspect, test their shooting skills, etc. 

All these new skills may then be put to the test in one of two Crime Scene Rooms, where visitors will have to solve a crime within a specified time period. 

Golden clues
During their investigations, Peter R. de Vries will provide visitors with crucial information and ‘golden’ clues on interactive screens. Real ‘sleuths’ can even retrieve additional information through the system.

Based on the scores obtained in the interactive rooms, the system produces a personal profile. Is the visitor a straight-laced crimefighter or rather a cunning criminal? Everyone will receive their scores at the end of the visit in a special crime report.

It goes without saying that there will be many social media sharing opportunities, whether it’s a mugshot or an appearance in a police line-up.

Facts & Figures
The Crime Experience will cover circa 1500 m2 at a central location in the capital, with catering and shopping facilities, and will be open 7 days a week. The exact scope of the experience will be determined by the level of investments in this multimillion-euro project. The Amsterdam Crime Experience will start out in English and Dutch; over time, other languages will be added. The minimum age for admission is 12.

Read more: www.amsterdamcrimeexperience.nl