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where does our food come from?

In the interactive Foodprints exhibition, visitors explore the food system in a modular setup. The large space is characterised by transparent frames and fresh and bright colours. The exhibition zooms in on our food, turns it inside out, and gives us the inside story. What is your idea of a great food system? What is there to eat, and can I afford it? Is it healthy? Where does it come from?

Every visitor takes a smart basket and a shopping list and goes ‘shopping’. They scan their favourite products. Visitors discover ethical, fun, and thought-provoking options for a range of products. These choices help them form their own opinions and give them food for thought. At the checkout, each visitor receives a receipt based on their choices by scanning a QR code.


  • client  vienna museum of science and technology
  • year  2021
  • www  technischesmuseum.at
  • exhibition design  tinker imagineers
  • production  vienna museum of science and technology
  • photography  vienna museum of science and technology / sebastian weissinger