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exploring european perspectives

The interactive exhibition Pure Europe in the renovated Möllerei offers new perspectives on contemporary Europe and highlights its diversity. Is Europe a political project, civilization, or an economic community? Are there 'pure' European aspects? The expo explores Europe through traditional viewpoints and encourages visitors to confront their prejudices by changing perspectives.

In the industrial space, visitors experience stereotypical and realistic images of Europe. The exhibition showcases various aspects of European culture through touchscreens and giant projections. Visitors explore alcoves on specific topics, such as textiles and the economic history of Europe. The historic location, a storage facility for a blast furnace from 1912, was sustainably redesigned using reusable materials.


  • exhibition design  tinker imagineers
  • set construction  brandwacht & meijer
  • light design  painting with light
  • interactives  100%fat
  • content  historical consulting