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a world famous story on tour in Germany

Anne Frank’s diary, ‘Het Achterhuis’, is one of the most famous books in the world. Anne’s story became a symbol for the persecution of the Jews by the Nazis. The fate of the Frank family is a testament to the dangers of xenophobia and intolerance. In the 21st century, Anne’s journal has lost none of its original appeal. Its universal message is as relevant as ever. We have to keep telling the story.

Which is why the Anne Frank Stichting wanted to create a new travelling exhibition for young people. The exhibition opened in Berlin and has travelled to many cities since. ‘Deine Anne. Ein Mädchen schreibt Geschichte’ tells the story of the rise of the Nazis from a personal perspective: Anne’s own. As a result, children of Anne’s age can relate to Anne and the dilemmas she faced. Tinker and the Anne Frank Stichting cooperated on the exhibition plan, while Tinker was responsible for the design.


  • client  anne frank stichting
  • year  2012