wendy van der knijff

architect and 3d designer

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As an architect, combining the spatial quality of the building and the visitor experience in the best possible way.

Architecture may evoke a sense of wonder. The role of the human dimension in architecture has always appealed to me. How do you experience a space? It is what I do best: analysing and designing rooms based on the visitor’s experience. 

As an architect at Tinker, I mainly focus on the visitor flow within a space as part of the total experience. It is my job to make the best possible use of the architectural qualities of a building or of complex spaces. Aspects such as functionality, routing, quality of use, and the technical integration of the design are all taken into account. I do this by mediating between the architect, the client, and our designers.



Born at Aarlanderveen. 


Bachelor’s degree in Design, ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design, EnschedeTraineeship with Marlies Rohmer Architects & Urbanists in Amsterdam

Working at UNStudio Architects in Amsterdam
Master’s degree in Architecture, Academy of Architecture, Amsterdam

Started working as an architect at Tinker imagineers