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Studying architecture teaches you to design buildings, but it also teaches you about who you are, what moves you, and why you make specific design choices.

My graduation trajectory was a search after my fascination with specific memories from my childhood on the farm. Objects and buildings at a farmstead are often purely functional and may seem ugly and dirty at first sight. But by situating them in the landscape in a different way, I tried to share my childhood wonder and experiences with passers-by and visitors.

At that same time, I worked with UNStudio. This architectural firm is known for its unusual and complex designs that can be found the world over. I chiefly worked on the functional and spatial layout of complex designs such as museums, public buildings, offices, and competitions.

For the first time, Tinker has an architect in its team. My role is new, but seems to work well, especially for large-scale projects, in which the final design can almost seem architectural. I bring my spatial and technical input to some projects. The human scale, the approach and the atmosphere at Tinker appeal to me and give me room to play. In the end, my goal is to make the best possible use of the architectural qualities of the building or space where the project is situated, and by doing so, have the building become a part of the experience itself.



Born at Aarlanderveen. We lived on a small cheese farm in the middle of the fascinating Dutch polder landscape


After my parents had sold their farm, we moved to Twente in the eastern part of the Netherlands


A major life event: living for 5 months in the Australian countryside. When I returned, I went to the AKI ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design in Enschede and specialised in Architectonic Design


Traineeship with Marlies Rohmer Architects & Urbanists in Amsterdam


My design for a Museum of Modern Art in an old, deserted water mill earned me a degree ‘with honours’. After graduation, I took a Building technique course at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam


I moved to Amsterdam, to start on the Architecture Master Programme of the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam. Around that same time, I found a job with UNStudio architects. For a period of five years, I combined working and studying


I obtained my Master’s degree in Architecture on account of my design for a modern cheese farm


Started working at Tinker