vincent geraedts

3d designer

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Using design to connect and move people and to convey a message.

Every project needs a soul, a creative concept that joins heart and mind. What I love about designing is the versatility. I trained as an engineer and as a creative conceptual thinker. There is no specific slot that I fit in, and I like it that way. On any given day, I may be working on moodboards and 3D storytelling, while switching to nuts and bolts the next.

I am a passionate 3D designer with a wide range of interests. Tinker is an agency that fits nicely outside of any slot, which allows me to do exactly what I do best. Creating objects, spaces, atmospheres, interactions, and stories. In short, designing in 4D.



Born in Ermelo

Bachelor’s and master’s degree in Industrial Design, University of Twente
Bachelor’s degree in Man & Living, Design Academy Eindhoven
Industrial designer at G-star RAW
3D designer at MMEK's experience design
3D designer at Tinker imagineers