stan boshouwers

founder and partner

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Responsible for concept and strategy. Love to spin those connecting threads. I want inspiration with balls. And have a special interest in large-scale makeovers with reckless leaders.

I’ve always been fascinated by knowledge. Even as a little boy I was amazed by the difference between the science and arts types: some people find truth in a theory, while others find it in fun or in ‘whatever works’. I like all flavours, and that is why I am good at concept development and communication.

I have found that everyone, regardless of their schooling or IQ, has free intellectual abilities, and that it’s relatively easy to address these. Many organisations dumb their message down, convinced that this is required to reach a broad target group. It is a costly mistake to make, especially if you have something important to say.

How do ideas come into being, how are they disseminated, and how do they turn out? Inspiration is a wonderful source of energy – and it is seldom put to serious use. That must be because most people see it as a bonus, rather than as the foundation underlying everything else. I feel that my career is all about achieving this ambition.



First saw the light of day in Nijmegen, grew up with three sisters, had a teacher and a manufacturer for parents


Active in radio piracy, the circus world, and Young Researchers


Founded Castles in the Air, together with Erik Bär


Graduated in Cognitive Sciences, University of Utrecht


Changed the name of Castles in the Air to Tinker imagineers


Completed three-year training in Being Orientation


Spiral Dynamics Integral course by Don Beck and Peter Merry