stan boshouwers

founder and partner

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Responsible for concept and strategy. Good at formulating big ideas and realising them. Advocates creativity with substance and feels fortunate to be working on it every day.

I have always been fascinated by knowledge. Even as a little boy I was amazed by the difference between the science and the arts types: some people find truth in a theory, while others find it in things that appeal to them. I like both approaches, which is why I am good at concept development and communication. 

How do ideas come into being, how do they propagate, and where do they end up? These questions have accompanied me for half a lifetime. They help me come up with original solutions and create space for inspiration. Because inspiration matters. It makes people alert, enthusiastic, and open.  

In projects, I prefer the role of ‘Chief Promises Officer’. First, I look for the Big Idea that ties wish lists and people together. After that, I'm responsible for turning this idea into reality, right up to delivery and even beyond. In this way, all parties involved stay on track, and the strength of the original plan is preserved. 

Finally, I am very proud of the company that Tinker has become. What started out as a castle in the air has grown into a serious business. Another dream come true, in a way. With our great team, we are working on the dreams of our clients. As it turns out, we are definitely meeting a need.



Born in Nijmegen


Founded Firma Luchtkasteel [Castles in the Air], for the realisation of wild ideas, together with Erik Bär. In 1999, the company name changed to Tinker imagineers. 


Graduated in Artificial Intelligence, Utrecht University


Three-year training at the School of ‘Being Orientation’


Author of Handboek voor Hemelbestormers: about coming up with ideas and realising them


Co-author of Worlds of Wonder | Experience Design for Curious People, with Erik Bär. A book about the what, the why, and the how of our field.