paul van houten

spatial designer

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From the first draft up to the execution, I work at the interface between design, content, interaction, game and technology.

I use design as a powerful tool to tell a story and to turn every subject into an experience.

Born in Friesland in the cold winter of 1976. Via my first constructions in Legos, the most adventurous play houses and the best structures in my craft classes, I ended up at the Eindhoven Design Academy. There, I had to unlearn everything and start my discovery processes all over again.

This love of discovering has stayed with me. How is the human body constructed, or a 2CV for that matter? How do you make indoor climbing even more challenging? What does it take to turn a castle into an impregnable fortress? How does a tree work? And what is sustainability, exactly? Discoveries can be made everywhere, and if you look closely, everything is interesting. I like to take people on an adventure to make discoveries together, and if I get half a chance, I like to explain my discoveries to others. Clarifying things in a beautiful and fun way is wonderful and that is exactly what I get to do at Tinker!


graduated from the Eindhoven Design Academy


designer (self-employed)


Kossmann deJong, Bas van Tol and others - freelance designer


Platvorm, Amsterdam - 2D & 3D designer.


Ontwerpwerk, Den Haag – interior and product designer


Buro Kloeg, Bunnik - spatial and conceptual designer


Tinker, Utrecht - 3D designer


daughter Bregje born


son Jelte born


son Tibbe born