marijn harteveld

project manager

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Feeling energised when setting up, planning, and managing large projects.

At Tinker, I am involved in the realisation and production of immersive experiences. As a project manager, I run projects from start to finish, managing the teams and monitoring the progress. In my work, I am constantly in close contact with all parties, from designers and copywriters to concept developers and builders. 

Managing long-term and complex projects is fun and always challenging. I like to clarify complex situations by organising things properly and keeping to a realistic time schedule. But the content-related aspects fascinate me as well; I learn something new every day. In the end, it’s all about making the client’s dreams come true, and that never fails to energise me. 


Born in Utrecht

Bachelor’s degree in Media and Entertainment Management, Haarlem
Working as a freelancer with various event agencies
Started working at Tinker imagineers as a project manager