marijn harteveld

project manager

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Setting up, planning and managing projects. Supervising both exhibitions and events.

Picking a study programme was hard for me, it felt like a commitment for life. After browsing countless study programme brochures, I chose Social Work, which turned out not to be the right path. I preferred the practical approach, which fuelled my next choice for the more economically inspired programme of Media and Entertainment Management. Once again, I started wondering whether this was really ‘it’. Only when I started my internship with an event agency where I was thrown in at the deep end of event organising I knew: I loved it! Handling everything to do with events was right up my alley.

After working for this event agency two years and as a freelancer for one, I joined the Tinker production team to prepare for the huge Live Earth Alert event. I continued working on several other events, but before long I became interested in exhibition assignments as well. Building exhibitions and designing museum rooms means working with copy writers, concept developers and designers. As a bonus, I get to learn more about history: switching from the Romans in the Netherlands to the Egyptian Book of the Dead, to the Dutch Max Havelaar. In short, I get to do the project management of exhibitions as well as events these days. Plans expand and grow more intricate, projects become larger and more challenging.



Born in Utrecht; moved to Hilversum with my sister, brother and parents at the age of 1


Started on the Social Work degree programme, where I learned more about myself than about Pavlov’s theories. After completing the first year, I packed it in


Moved to Haarlem, a new town for a new degree programme: Media and Entertainment Management

2004 - 2005

Began my internship with ‘the garage creations’, an event agency in Amsterdam. I stayed on after my graduation. This was the real thing, the world of events and entertainment opened up. It was a great place to learn everything to do with organising events


Registered as a freelancer, which allowed me to work for ‘stripped event managers’ in addition to my work for ‘the garage creations’


Started to work as a freelance event producer for Tinker. After Tinker had hired me for a period of six months, they asked me to come on board as a project manager, and I said goodbye to my life as a freelancer