maartje heintz

project manager

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Planning, controlling and managing projects from start to finish. Concept development and organisation of events, producer of exhibitions, AV and multimedia productions.

Like with many other Tinkers, creativity played a large role in my childhood. I loved drawing, claying and painting, and was encouraged by my mother, herself a painter and sculptor, who turns everything into a wonderful new creation. For the longest time I planned on doing a creative study programme, but in the end I opted for Psychology at the University of Amsterdam, followed by Culture, Organisation & Management at Amsterdam University. 

After completing my second Master’s thesis, I was all studied out, and ready to start working and learning about the real world. After several other jobs, I started with Tinker in 2003. Here I work on many different projects. In events organisation, in developing the ‘look and feel’, the setting and the final appearance, there are many ways to channel my creativity. I like to design rooms, to make them beautiful and accessible. The scope of our assignments has broadened, and I have gone on to producing exhibitions, AV and multimedia projects. I love the versatility of my job!



Born and raised in Noordwijk, where I enjoyed living on the beach till the age of 16


Moved to Utrecht with my parents and sister. Graduated from secondary school


Moved to Amsterdam, started the Social Psychology study programme at the University of Amsterdam


Master’s thesis: the effect of the ‘involving the guys’ campaign (SIRE) started on my 2nd Master’s degree programme: Culture, Organisation & Management (University Amsterdam)


Master’s thesis: ‘a coloured view of opportunities’; a study into the influence of organisational factors on the career development of (descendants of) non-Western immigrants


Project manager with Misteli Productions; realisation of various ‘experience concepts’


Project manager with Tinker