leonie janssen

3d designer

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Innovating with clear and sparkling designs.

Discovery, innovation, and the ambition to surprise are constant factors in my work. It all starts with words that will eventually be moulded into an attractive end product. Communicating a clear concept in a way that appeals to the target group is the foundation of what I do. With my enthusiasm, curiosity, and eye for detail, I am involved from the first sketches up to the final production drawing. 

I see every new assignment as a challenge to make our world a little more beautiful or more insightful. Preferably with a playful and tasteful design. This is exactly what Tinker does so well and what gives me a lot of satisfaction. 



Born in Groningen


Bachelor’s degree in Man & Activity, Design Academy Eindhoven

Designer and project manager at Tjep

Own design studio - LMJ 


(Interior) designer/ art director and project manager, at VandaagIsMorgen, Studio Molen, Marcel Wanders, and others


Started working as a 3D designer at Tinker imagineers