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100.000 visitors for tirpitz within 2 months after opening


Since the opening June 29th, TIRPITZ has welcomed over 100.000 visitors. An absolutely amazing record. In just two months, the museum reached its expected annual visitor rate.

"Before opening, we budgeted with an annual visit rate of approximately 100,000, but it quickly turned out to be low," says museum director Claus K. Jensen. "Normally it's not easy to get 100,000 visitors to a museum". 

Obviously, museum director Claus K. Jensen upgrades his expectations for Tirpitz in 2017: "The overwhelming number of visitors means that we instead aim for 150,000 guests during the first half of the museum."

»The museum is located in Blåvand, and we expected that most visitor would come from the Blue Waters area. But many have come farther from. We have had calls from Copenhageners who wanted to know how long we stayed open that day, then they would start the car and come."

The museum director estimates that the great media coverage that the museum has received has been a contributing factor to the high visitor rate, as well as many positive statements on social media such as Instagram have helped raise the interest of the West Jutland museum.

The new TIRPITZ transforms and expands a historic German WWII bunker into a groundbreaking cultural complex comprising four exhibitions within a single structure, seamlessly embedded into the protected shorelands of Blåvand in western Denmark. 

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