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invaluable soil

The World Soil Museum has a unique collection of soil profiles. They tell the story of the invaluable importance of soils to life on earth. The collection and the corresponding data are so precious that the museum has become a UNESCO World Data Centre, the only one in the Netherlands. As the museum was about to move into a brand-new building in the heart of the campus of Wageningen University, they invited Tinker to create a new, permanent presentation. A presentation that meets the demands of scientists, school groups and individual visitors alike.

We designed a stylish multifunctional science centre. By using the rhythm of the soil profiles as the basis for the spatial layout, we have created an exciting place. Visitors get to work with the data collection. They use the touchscreen with the digital, layered soil maps that were designed for the purpose. By accessing one of six multi-media stations, they can look into subjects such as climate change, bio diversity and food production. The museum has direct access to the digital information files and is able to make alterations or add information in real time. In this way, the museum is able to present the latest views and the most recent knowledge. As befits a World Data Centre.


  • client  ISRIC-world soil information / wageningen university and research centre
  • year  2014
  • www  isric.org
  • set construction   kloosterboer
  • av programming   kiss the frog
  • film production   andré kloer
  • photography   mike bink

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