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a resplendent museum

A fun and modern museum for the whole family. That is what the renewed Netherlands Silver Museum at Schoonhoven is all about. Along an elongated, festively set table, theme cabinets with titles such as ‘Yes, I Do’ or ‘Heavenly Desire’ tell the story of silver in a refreshing and associative way. Visitors are enticed, as it were, to take a closer look.

The 14-metre-long dining table is much more than an eye-catcher, it also serves as a timeline. Visitors get to see how silver design changed over the centuries. The place-mats under the covers are multimedia presentations that explain the various styles. The surrounding cabinets each tell their own story, with their own imagery. The sides of the cabinets contain show-boxes, film clips, quizzes, and funny observations.

wereld van zilver


  • client  dutch silver museum schoonhoven
  • year  2014
  • www  zilvermuseum.com
  • design  tinker imagineers
  • strategy and project management   the unschooled mind company
  • set construction   kloosterboer decor
  • photography  mike bink, silver museum


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