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Utrecht celebrates the fact that in April 1713 a number of treaties were concluded that put an end to one-and-a-half centuries of war. Dignitaries came from all around and negotiated for 18 months. And feasted and partied while they were at it! The 200th anniversary festivities are varied and will appeal in one way or another to all citizens of Utrecht.

Tinker contributed various items to the festival, together with our Utrecht siblings Dietwee and Wink. A photography exhibition at the Maliebaan, a peace fair, and the bandritzer-V as a time-travelling experience. And the icing on the cake: the Peace Connection. A former mobile shop van was converted into a radio studio/ driving festival centre/ information booth/ internet editorial office/ Glass House. What didn’t happen in the van? The Peace Connection definitely worked with a passion.


  • client  vrede van utrecht
  • year  2013
  • www  vredevanutrecht.nl
  • construction  stortplaats van dromen
  • online newspaper   duic.nl
  • deco bus   wink
  • lettering  dietwee
  • photography   michael kooren, anna van kooij

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