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sailing the wild seas

The Sea Voyage is a poetical story, based on highlights from Dutch maritime history. During a 25-minute trip, visitors get to meet Dutch heroes of the sea, big and small. They step into their shoes, and feel the pre-boarding stress and the deep silence of a starry night at sea. They experience the threat of war and the relief of seeing land.

Tinker played a special part in this voyage: we were responsible for the experience. Designers, filmmakers and special effect specialists contributed their work, and we welded it all together to create an indivisible experience. In five rooms, the senses of the visitors are stimulated in different ways, with the focus always on the collection.



  • client  het scheepvaartmuseum
  • year  2011
  • www  hetscheepvaartmuseum.nl
  • design  MET studio london
  • realisation and overall production  hypsos
  • audio visuals  tungsten
  • peppers ghost  dutch igloo
  • audio  leo anemaat
  • lighting and media engineering  rapenburg plaza


  • winner  audience award gouden reigers 2012
  • finalist  IDEA awards 2012
  • nomination  bankgiro loterij museumprijs 2012
  • nomination  museum of the year award 2013

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