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a magical day out

The possibility to experience a day-out for multiple disabled people or advanced dementia together with their family or cares didn’t exist on a permanent basis. Sharing new experiences is of so much importance. The New Experience in Arnhem offers an inspiring adventure based on all kinds of sensory stimulation: light, sound, colour, movement, the element of play. For some, this may be a first step on their way to more independence.

In the Studio, the first experience theatre, you get to bring the performance to a life-size digital canvas with everything you have: hands, feet, even your own voice. Or go On a Journey, in the second theatre. After packing your bags with all kinds of travel stuff, you opt for car, ship, or train. In the car you can navigate and accelerate by yourself while sightseeing along the Côte d'Azur. More adventures are in the pipeline, focussing on themes such as space travel, dance or nature. 


  • client  foundation the new experience
  • year  2016
  • www  debelevenis.nl
  • experience design  tinker imagineers
  • decor  brandwacht en meijer
  • interactive wall  monobanda play
  • engineering  phanta visual
  • light / visual effects  puik produkties
  • photography  mike bink


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