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naval ship speaks volumes

Tinker breathed new life into the museum ship by telling the stories of the ship and its crew. During your visit to the ship, you listen in on a conversation in the wardroom, receive a navigation lesson from the lieutenant commander, learn how to stoke the engine boilers, and learn respect for naval discipline in the dark detention room. The cannons roar, and the cabin boy complains about the potatoes he has to peel… With audio, video and exhibits, the past is brought to life again in a contemporary way.

The MS Buffel was launched in 1868 as the latest innovation in the defence of the Dutch coast. The armoured ship with steam engines was equipped with a secret weapon: a ram just under the water line, designed to ram enemy ships. As there were no longer sea battles, the ship was refurbished as a ‘floating barracks’. Mid-2013, the ship was moved from the Rotterdam museum harbour to Hellevoetsluis.


  • client  rotterdam maritime museum
  • year  2008
  • www  maritiemmuseum.nl
  • 2D/3D design  andré postma
  • set construction  schaalwerk
  • photography  fred prak
  • audio  qq audio
  • film  tungsten
  • films + audio  xapp
  • photography  fred prak

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